NET102 – Why we don’t sing into our hairbrushes anymore: YouTube, amateurism and the blurring of private and public

Mirrors are for grooming, not for grooving! No longer confined to the bedroom, amateur musicians are able to connect through online communities and interact without the limitations of geographic boundaries. With the evolution of web 2.0 technologies, the internet provides opportunities for ‘new forms of expression, new forms of community and new forms of identity’ […]

WEB101 Because of its collaborative nature and open communications style, Facebook has enabled an interactive relationship between the members of learning communities

Two heads are better than one. Many hands make light work. What these old adages are saying is that working with others will give a better outcome than working alone. Web 2.0 technologies have enabled collaborative environments not previously possible that provide an increased reach and encourage increased dialogue among participants. In the field of […]