CMM16 – New Communication Technologies

The communication technologies used today are altering social and professional practices, benefiting some communities while presenting complex risks and concerns for others. The convergence of technologies is creating products that serve a wide range of purposes and applications. Your task is to write a short analytical essay of 1000 words maximum that argues the negatives […]

NET390 – Internet Research Project

Gov 2.0 has enabled a shift in the way citizens interact with government, challenging the established methods of service delivery and providing an opportunity for Australian government agencies to reconnect with citizens. Government 2.0 has enabled a shift in the way citizens interact with government in Australia, challenging the established ways that services have been […]

WEB300 – Web Development Project

This unit revolved around a group assessment that required us to collaborate with a dispersed team and come up with an innovative web presence, complete with a whole bunch of supporting nodes that enabled us to demonstrate participatory nature of web 2.0. The web media production we created can be seen at